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Are you a food lover and pizza is all you can think about when you’re hungry? Then, of course, you’ve been to Pizza Hut. It is home to the best and the most reliably tasty pizzas not only in the US but all around the globe.

About TellPizzaHut

Pizza Hut has always been well known for its amazing customer service and quality. But after having reached to the farthest corners of the planet, it’s really hard to maintain an equal level of quality all throughout.

Therefore, Pizza Hut started the TellPizzaHut Survey to obtain valuable feedback from customers and improvise on the weak points.

Every customer who participates in the survey directly gets enrolled for a sweepstake, giving them a chance to win a thousand dollars cheque!

How To Participate In TellPizzaHut Survey

Participating in the TellPizzaHut Survey is relatively easy and won’t consume a lot of your time. All you need is a receipt from your previous visit, mobile or laptop or PC with a stable internet connection and basic knowledge in either English or Spanish.

Follow the given steps in order to participate:

  1. Open the official website of TellPizzaHut,, on your browser.
  2. Enter the 4 or 6 digit code written in your purchase receipt.
  3. Now you have reached the main part of the survey where you need to answer some questions regarding the quality of food, ambiance, and environment, staff behavior, etc of the store you visited.
  4. After submitting your survey, you will be automatically entered into a sweepstake to win a $1000 cheque.

The survey can also be completed through a phone call. Dial the number 1-800-815-0474 to enter into the survey. You have to answer to voice prompts in order to complete the survey.

Another, rather inconvenient way of participating in this sweepstakes survey is through the mail.

About Pizza Hut

Dan and Frank Carney, two college students from Wichata, who also happened to be brothers, opened the first Pizza Hut in 1958. They did so well in the business that within a year they were able to open six other restaurants in six different locations around Kansas.

The brothers also started offering franchise options to people who wanted to open their own Pizza Hut outlet.

Many will be surprised to know that Pizza Hut is currently owned by Pepsi Co. who acquired the company in 1977.

Today, Pizza Hut is a global phenomenon and its presence is felt in every corner of the globe. It was the first American establishment to open a store in Iraq.

Survey Rules

  • You must have a valid receipt from your last visit.
  • You must be at least 18-years old.

Free Pizza Hut Gift Cards

Pizza Hut offers free gift cards worth $500 to $2500 on completing a survey. These can be used in any store around the US.

It is an excellent way to enjoy a meal when you are a little tight in the pocket but you must be on the lookout because these offers are launched only occasionally.

Contact TellPizzaHut

Telephone: 1-800-948-8488 (US), 1-866-364-0825 (Canada).



If you are planning to take part in this amazing survey, then there’s nothing to think twice! Read through this article to get a complete idea about the survey and give your luck a chance!

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